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Machined Parts

Rubber & Plastic


Ameritek is a full service international sourcing solution.


We provide a wide variety of custom metal, rubber and plastic components to manufacturers throughout the United States.


Typical projects include:

Small stampings, medium volume, low tooling fees...

Aluminum die cast with black powder coating...

Small assembly, no drawings only samples...



How to get started...

1. Identify parts that may involve the following:

- Labor intensive parts that may include many operations

- Medium to lower volumes where tooling is not justified

- Metal weldments or assemblies what could be converted to castings

2. Gather samples or drawings along with estimated annual usage to be quoted

3. Send or e-mail drawings / samples to the address below


Ameritek International

155 Hardman Ave South

South St. Paul, MN 55075



e-mail : [email protected]



We take care of the sourcing and communications, logistics, insurance, currency exchange, freight, inspections, customs clearance and more.


Ameritek International

155 Hardman Ave S

So St Paul,  MN 55075

Phone: 651-688-9700

Fax: 651-688-9709

e-mail : [email protected]


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